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o Bulletin N#9 : The complications of endoscopic nasal surgery o

Authors : E. Serrano, B. Bertrand, L. Castillo, L. Crampette, P. Dessi, J. P. Fombeur, L. Gilain, R. jankowski, J. M. Klossek, H. Massegur, R. Peynegre, Ch. Frèche, P. Rouvier, H. Stammberger

Ref. : Rev Laryngol Otol Rhinol. 1998;119,2:137-143.

Summary : Editorial
To be conducted safely, endoscopic nasal and sinus surgery demands regular updating. Even if this requirement is met, complications can still occur. It is therefor incumbent on the Revue de Laryngologie to give due emphasis to the problems of diagnosis and treatment in this field.
The Revue expresses its gratitude to the various contributors, especially to Professor Elie SERRANO, for sharing their expérience. It is especially grateful to the KARL STORZ Society for its support in the production of this supplement. Didier Portmann

INTRODUCTION Ch. frèche, E. Serrano
Ch. Frèche/ When I was invited by Professor Elie Serrano to take part in his Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course in Toulouse on March 25-27 1998, I could not fail to be impressed by the high standard of the event. At each operation, he was at pains to point out the possible complications, and how to manage them. It was clear that in the minds of the contributors and participants there was an increasing concern about the most recent medico-legal implications ; many cases of litigation now related to endoscopic nasal surgery. It is imperative that every surgeon who decides to involve himself in this area takes part in courses such as this one.
E. Serrano/ Rhinology is a speciality which is undergoing development, leading to greater understanding of both pathology and of medical and surgical treatment. At the recent Toulouse course, the endoscopic techniques were described with special emphasis on indications and results, and in the context of practical surgical technique and recent progress in technology. There was wide discussion of the complications of endoscopic surgery of the nose : ophtalmic complications, haemorrhage, and CSF leakage. It is, of course, vital to be able to diagnose and treat these complications, but equally important to avoid them. Prevention implies abiding by certain rules, major among which are a respect for the specific indications, and rigorous surgical technique.


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